4 Reasons That May Be Causing Your Gut Bloating

There are some fundamental reasons why so many people suffer with the uncomfortable condition of bloating. Here I outline four of the top contenders.

1. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugars that is feeding pathogenic organisms in your gut

Unbeneficial bacteria and yeast in your gut, who love to feed of carbohydrates and sugars, may well be causing you to feel bloated. If your diet includes the consumption of excessive amounts of carbohydrates and sugars in the form of junk foods, baked goods, chocolate, sweets, dried fruits, fruits high in sugar, alcohol, potatoes, rice, bread, etc, the unbeneficial bacteria in your gut are having a party at your expense. As they will be producing gas when they digest these carbohydrates, which in turn will cause you to experience bloating.

2. Eating too late in the evening

Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract slows down in the evening and the night, resulting in slower excretion of digestive products and gut motility (the stretching and contracting of the muscles in the GI tract, which enables your food to move along the digestive tract to be absorbed). By eating too much and too late in the evening, you prolong the exposure of digestive nutrients to the bacteria in your intestines, allowing unbeneficial bacteria to feed and grow off these nutrients, and as previously mentioned, the digestion of carbohydrates by these bacteria produce gas resulting in you feeling bloated.

3. Chronic stress and low levels of gastric acid, bile, and digestive enzymes

In the upper section of your gut, the combination of gastric acid, bile, and digestive enzymes create a harsh environment for pathogenic organisms to survive in. However, should your levels of these secretions decrease, due to constant chronic stress for example, pathogenic organisms will begin to inhabit the upper section of your gut, which can then lead to a condition called SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) resulting in bloating and other symptoms such as acid reflux, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, etc.

4. Lactose intolerance

If you cannot digest lactose (the sugar found in milk) this could be causing you to feel bloated. Reason being is that if you lack the intestinal enzymes to break down milk sugar (this is the condition known as lactose intolerance), the milk sugar will then proceed on to your colon, at which point it will be broken down by your bacterial enzymes into gases, leading to bloating being felt. Actually, no human can successfully digest milk products. The milk from a cow, the proteins, sugars, and hormones that it contains, are meant to do one thing, provide sufficient nutrients to raise a calf, not humans.

How to Stay in Shape While Working Crazy Hours in Real Estate

Metabolism myths have led us to believe that we are in no control over our body and it is ‘not one’s fault’ to be fat, but in reality, it is our lack of discipline and poor eating habits that are to condemn. So, if you are in the same boat as the millions of adults who’ve committed themselves to an 8-hour desk job, then you should consider putting that pizza down and read through this short guide.

The drastic increase in obese adults has been very alarming. Statistics have shown that 35.7 percent of men and women are already considered overweight, that’s more than one third of the adult population. This weight issue isn’t a new problem either; it actually started in late 1980’s and people are now losing the battle against this waistline-expanding epidemic. With jobs in the real estate industry that require employees to wine and dine with clients or sit down in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week (sometimes even more), gaining weight is almost inevitable but not impossible to control, too. However, those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of deadlines and paperwork should brace themselves for an all-out fight.

Now, aside from hard work, commitment, and dedication, we should remember to implement these techniques:

1. Make time for a workout routine

Obviously, fats aren’t going to burn and disappear by themselves; therefore one is obliged to religiously commit to a workout plan in order to achieve his goal. Most people tend to perceive their career as detrimental to their progress when they really shouldn’t. It’s time to stop making excuses and start moving. There’s no need to neither go to the gym nor spend a ridiculous amount of money on fitness classes as people can use their own space at home or the provisionary gym in their condominium. Not to mention that there are also numerous workout routines intended for those who don’t have much time to spare. Take this routine as an example:

15 minutes cardio

· 30 reps jumping jacks (2x)

· 30 reps knee raises (2x)

· Jump ropes for the remaining time


· 15 minutes jog

20 minutes body weight training

· 25 reps crunches (3x)

· 30 reps leg raise (3x)

· 30 reps glute kickbacks (3x)

· Planking & side planking (1 minute each)

20 minutes weight training

· 25 reps dumbbell squats (2x)

· 30 reps overhead press (3x)

· 30 reps bicep curl (3x)

· 30 reps bench press (3x)

This routine will only take about an hour and is ideal in the morning before breakfast and upon arriving home from work. Now, this is only a sample regimen, readers can customize and modify it depending on their needs and goals.

2. Correct your posture and keep moving while you are in the office

Posture creates a huge impact on one’s overall fitness. When a person slouches, people will get the impression that he is heavier than he actually is. When standing or sitting upright, on the other note, will make him look more fit and in shape. Also, don’t be a computer chair potato. Walk around, take the stairs, and get moving. Optimize the effect of this technique by engaging certain muscle groups without anyone noticing. Think of engaging abdomens while writing an email or exerting pressure on the thighs while striding the halls in killer stilettos, they’ll find themselves filled with a new kind of confidence.

3. Opt for healthier alternatives

Eating is practically obligatory in the workplace, especially in very demanding careers such as real estate where wine and dine appointments with clients are mandatory, celebrations are a regular occurrence, and stress eating is a necessity. But the good news is, one doesn’t have to entirely give up this way of life (not everything, that is) to maintain his/her health, they just have to choose wisely. Ditch the soda for water, opt for fruits for dessert, and sip on green tea instead of coffee when feeling sluggish. Once a person learns to love these healthy alternatives, he’ll be turning his back on junk in no time.

4. Make it a lifestyle instead of a temporary solution

Most people interpret the phrase ‘diet and exercise’ as a short-term solution. It’s something they would temporarily commit to when there is a wedding they need to attend to or an outing that will require them to show up in bikinis. When in truth, it should really be the beginning of a lifelong journey and a life-changing transformation. After all, who would want to be fit for a weekend and turn back to eating junk after the show? I know I don’t.